Issue with Item Price list rate during Purchase Invoice

Item price list rate automatically get updated as Rate on next purchase invoice.
I want to update item price list rate as per item price list rate of the last purchase invoice.

sorry can’t understand what you mean. can you elaborate?

Once you have selected supplier and item, in the top right corner, once you click on “Tools”, you can get the previous rate at which you purchsed (see picture)

In purchase, i edit item_price_list_rate and then enter discount % that gives rate.
(Item Price List Rate - Discount % = Rate)
When i save purchase, item_price_list_rate automatically updates to rate.

I wanted to update Item_price_list_rate = edited item_price_list_rate. How can I do that.

When you edit item price list rate in PO, the item price list rate will not be changed after save. can you try again.

Please share screenshots.

Its in Purchase Invoice not in PO

ok kindly edit your question to indicate that.

Can anyone help please?