Issue with letterhead in all prints

I created one default letter header to be able to print any document and appears that header

Then i went to the expense claims and print one, “With Letterhead”

Why the letterheader is hidden. I follow the setps from this link

I have using Version: 8.10.8

Thank you

Could you share what it looks like in the print preview?

The preview work fine, see:

But if i print from the viewlist

when i print from there isn´t working, the resul is like i reported

I get this option to check the letterhead. Not sure if you did.

Yes i selected that option

and if you see the image it appears something on the top left conner like the logo is behind or something.

This only happen in PDF, the preview show the logo.

Already have an issue in GitHub. Please upvote and follow here:

Done thanks, let see if they solve this quickly

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