Issue With Maintain Stock Button Not Checked Before Production Order Submitted

Hello Community,

We made an item and did not click the “Maintain Stock” button on the item before we started the material requests and production orders.

We are getting the following messages " As there are existing transactions against item MS003, you cannot change the value of MAINTAIN STOCK".

We released production orders and were able to proceed to the very end but cannot click the “FINISH” button to make the final stock entry because the pop up message says “MS003 is not a stock item” .

Since we can’t change MAINTAIN STOCK button now on the item and we are stuck. Is there a way to finish the production order and make the stock entry for our finished item without getting stuck on this step? We are unable to proceed at this time. :frowning:

Thanks community!

As per the current design, if there is a transaction created for an Item, system will not allow to edit Maintain Stock for the item.
You can Stop the production order and create a new item with maintain stock and complete the cycle.