Issue with Note Doctype

I created a Note yesterday with public, notify user with popup when they log-in & Notify Users On Every Login marked. Expire Notification was set on 14 March (for 2 days). Also seen by was set to All Users. What I faced today, user with specific role were getting an error just after popup:

Not allowed for User: _username here_  in Row 1. Restrict field: user.
Insufficient permission for Note


I checked in Role Permission Manager and Note doctype has been given All access for read,write,create.

Strange thing was let say there are 4 group(Role) out of which only one role was getting that error just after the Note-Popup which I mentioned above. Rest 3 groups were not getting any error after popup.

I wasn’t able to get to conclusion what resulted in the same as no changes has been made in last few days to permission. Is this a bug or some sort of permission related issue which I missed. Any suggestions regarding so will be hugely appreciated

Any help ??

Hi @nikzz

We just encountered the same issue! Did you find a solution please ?

Kind regards,

I wasn’t able to find the exact cause but I had to disable that Note to stop so

Okay, thanks