Issue with reply and forward emails from communication option

Hi I am Unable forward or reply email from communication option
it shows nothing in the message field no trail mail conversation
is attached in the message field


Could you please let us know the steps you followed so that we can check this? Did you try creating the email from the “New Email” button (in any doctype) as shown below?

Please provide screenshots too.

If communication is linked with any topic then it works but if simply i want to reply or forward email from communication option like below then it dosent show any content in the message box

Cannot forward the email as it is from this communication option
for reply if i use the reply button given at the bottom it works fine with message
as below

can anyone provide the standard email functions operations documents
as erpnext manual only explains email use along with the docktype

This issue still exists. When I hit “Reply” on an email, it puts my email address in the “To:” field rather than the “From:” field, and it doesn’t quote the text I’m replying to.

It would be great to get this fixed. I guess most people don’t use ERPNext’s email function, but our company wants to because of the ability to create an Issue, Task, Lead, Contact, etc. from an email is very powerful & useful.

yes that’s why we stopped using email inbox

This issue is still present in v13

yes that is correct we completely stopped email inbox function