What do you use with ERPNext for Email & Calendering?

Is everyone using Google?

ERPNext’s email and calendar don’t work well enough for us (Issue with reply and forward emails from communication option - #7 by j.aiw), but we don’t want to use Google for security reasons. We’ve tried NextCloud (we love the ‘Talk’ function!) but the email client has some problems, and we’ve failed to get the calendar to talk successfully to Google to schedule & update meetings.

Please tell me your solutions!

For outbound email, I’m using a combination of:

  • A third-party hosting company, that I’m paying for email services (not Google)
  • Mailchimp/Mandrill for bulk and transactional email.

I’ve done some light customization on the Email pop-up screen, to auto-fill in fields like 'From' or change the Subject.

Not using ERPNext’s Inbox or Calendar features.