Issue with salary slip based on timesheet

I think this is a bug, but before I open a git issue, I wanted to know the thoughts of the group.

If I amend a draft salary slip based on timesheet with another timesheet, the hours worked is not updated. Even after a save it does not update the hours worked that then the total gross pay. Here is a sample:

salary slip issue

In this example the initial timesheet was for 7.75 hours. I then add a second timesheet for 1.75 hours. I would expect the total working hours to change automatically to 9.50 and then the earning amount to update as well to reflect the change in total hours worked.


Can you please share the screenshot of second Timesheet? In that Timesheet, is this Employee (for which Salary Slip is being made) linked? If issue still prevails, please create a Github Issue for it.

Yes, both timesheets are for the same person that the salary slip is for

Here is the top of the salary slip:


Here is TS 37


Here is TS 39