Issue with Sales Invoice while adjusting advance payment and making payment entry at the same time

Hello All!

I am facing an issue while creating Sales Invoices with the ‘Include Payment’ checkbox ticked.

Assume this scenario - I take an advance of Rs 100 for an order of Rs 200. When the order is fulfilled, I create a sales invoice and accept the remaining Rs 100. For this, I tick the ‘Include Payment’ checkbox. But when I do this, the ‘Get Advanced Payment’ button under the ‘advanced payments’ section disappears, and I am unable to adjust the advance payment while creating this sales invoice.

Looking forward to your help!


Uncheck Include Payment option and check.

After that go to the advance payment section and fetch all the advances paid by the customer.

Thanks @kennethsequeira for your response. Done that. But this would not allow me to collect the balance payment while creating this invoice. Will have to create another payment entry for the balance payment.