Issue with UOM at PoS version 13 beta 4

In PoS Version 13 beta 4 I noticed a problem with selling where the product has multiple UOMs

A picture is worth a thousand words


In the image above you can see that the price list rate is 24,000 for 1 pack. We are buying 1 pack so the total price on the invoice is 24,000. These are both accurate

But if you notice, the price for the line item is 4,000 and it is still showing that we are buying 1 quantity. The details on the line item is stuck at the unit UOM while we have changed the selling UOM to pack. This is very confusing to the cashier and has caused a bit of a discord with some customers.

I will recommend that when the UOM is changed this should reflect in the PoS line item so that this confusion is eliminated.

@netchampfaris I created a github issue for this