Issues about setting up local press

I am setting up the local press according to the documentation like below.

my question is:

Is there any more detailed document to describe how to set this press setting?
I tried to set it, but many parameters seem very strange.

for example:

  1. For Let’s Encrypt, can I put the certificate in the cerbot directory? What is the wwwroot for?
  1. For the port of ssh, if I use docker, the open port is not 22, but 122, so where can I set the port of ssh?

3, In Details → bench configuration, how to configure it?

4, if I use aliyun(cloud service located in china), should I use aws route 53 ?

Is there anyone who can help me with these questions, tks.

looking forward your reply, tks.

I believe that you can only use R53 for now.