Issues and questions Regarding website module

I am trying to implement and use the website module to create a website for products display but i am coming across few issues and questions .

I created a site and added a Products page on my site , as so

but this product does not show up on the products page neither does any other in all product page,
even if i made the home page as products page as so .

it just shows no items listed ,

probable reason :
i am not sure but it may be because i had previously installed the shopify app and that had hidden the in website section on items .
i uninstalled it , even then that section was still hidden , then i had to manually unhide it from customize form , and then add items to it – but it does not reflect on website ,


once hopefully the item display is resolved is there a way to add filters on the website for customers ,
something like filters on doctypes which are there on erpnext or possibly like those in amazon-
filter items by custom fields or categories ,

and if possible how to add them and manage them .

i have seen many websites examples developed using the website module but yet not seen a single e-commerce one using it ,
does any one have examples for it-- and if possible can share at least the basic implementation of it ,

thanks in advance


Any help is appreciated !

For listing the items, link should be added in the Top Bar table of the website setting. You can remove Products page as a Homepage of website setting.

Here is the help on how to setup website and items.