Issues Encountered in New POS

Hi @rohit_w

Here are the immediate issues I encountered while checking the POS on

  1. There is a submitted transaction blocking the queue (not getting synced). The system was throwing up an error report which was subsequently forwarded to support. I however noticed that the customer for that particular sale did not exist (probably deleted before the sale could sync) so I went ahead to create a new customer with the same name. This resolved the first issue

  2. After creating the customer, the error report stopped popping up but now there’s an error message that says ‘Due Date can not be before Posting Date’. The transaction is therefore still not getting synced and holding up the queue

  3. The numeric keypad for the cart sometimes doesn’t load. Whenever this happens, a refresh is needed to bring it back


  1. For the first issue, the system should have displayed an error message like ‘Customer Not Found!’ or ‘Customer Does Not Exist!’

  2. There should be a way to grant permission to certain categories of users to be able to delete submitted orders from the queue. This will come in handy for special situations like this so that transactions don’t get held up until a bug-fix arrives!

  3. Please look into the issue of the keypad not loading from time to time

Thanks for the awesome job you’re doing

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Hi @wale

Thanks for reporting an issue, we have fixed the issue and soon we’ll release it

@rohit_w can the new pos design to be part of V7? I guess V8 won’t be released soon until it’s stable

No it’s part of V8

Hi @rohit_w

Trust you’re doing well. Is there now a way to delete submitted orders from the queue? There’s an issue now with a sale not getting synced due to a ‘Duplicate Customer Name’ error and this has been holding up the entire queue!


Hi @wale

Can you please share the error log, we’ll fix the issue

Hi @rohit_w

Thanks for your response but there’s nothing showing up in the error log! I’ve opened an issue and pasted screenshot here:

Hope this’ll be a quick fix as sales are not getting synced