Issues while running get-app

Hey, I’m trying to host my web-app on a azure vm. I pushed my app to github profile.
here: GitHub - Mangeshrex/proj-fu.

But i’m running it a lot of different errors. The above screenshot shows the exceptions and errors after running the get-app command. I referred to hussains project file for the needed files and added Requirements.txt and to it. But it still doesn’t work.

Hi @Mangeshrex,

If you install version 14 or migrate version 14 then requires Python version 3.10+.

Please check the post.

Thank You!

Hey @NCP, fyi i’m already using python3.11. I actually got up with the python version issue. but then I fixed it by taking up hussains suggestion to use pyenv to fix it.

And yeah, I shifted to python3.11 and set it as the default