Issues while updating items

I have completed uploading all items into the item database. but without the supplier info,
I now have the supplier info and created a new file with this, I uploaded a test of 200 items with supplier info and the system ignores the update. I urgently need to update my databases with additional columns of information, but the system will not update.

@ianpkano really hard to say what is wrong without looking at your system.

Did you get an error message?

Maybe engage someone to help you?

Yes, basically, I have the item file framework:

  1. I uploaded items without supplier data, all OK so far. (split 95,000
    records into 4,000 record lots.)
  2. I then uploaded files with the supplier data, same format but with the
    added columns (2 columns) it was rejected.

So we now have two issues:

  1. We cannot update files with new data (non mandatory data)
  2. We cannot update (upload csv) data into stock reconciliation.

So we cannot update our stock levels for the first time before we start
using Next, ad we cannot update our items because the system wont allow

I now have another issue, I have no where to set opening stock levels. I tried uploading csv stock to stock reconciliation but it wont upload.

I don’t need to spend ore money on “experts” I need a system that will give me a solution not create more problems. Basically, your software is not market ready. There are too many problems and I am going to suggest to my client to use a different platform. I am sorry, but until you perfect basic features such as database access and control, uploading files (overwriting old ones) deleting records and full database access, your system cannot truly compete in the market. I find it easier using Microsoft access and designing and erp system from scratch than using your system.


We don’t blame you not satisfied, forum can’t help if you don’t disclose some info about the error.

If you find other products to pay for it (OP + the system) then it is your go.

Good luck.

Hope this helps to clarify the situation.


Your sense of urgency, frustration, dissatisfaction is clear and imo overwhelming.

Without a stacktrace or some means on your part to reproduce and diagnose issues, errors or defects you face, this forum is helpless to respond and collectively resolve them.

“I find it easier using Microsoft access and designing and erp system from scratch than using your system.”

Indeed what you are capable of may fulfil what this product cannot - that is how this tool got its start too.

For the benefit of all I urge you to reconsider your decision when you have more time


Hi John,

I use frustration to prompt a reply. I received 3, one if which wasnt worth replying to.
You are correct, I only used my urgency and frustration to point out how a non professional user would feel. The gui is lacking, the upload of files is problematic, the issue of updating too. Tje lack of one source showing all thr database files and opening them in list mode for bulk editing is also an issue.
I am now connecting directly to the database on the server to deal with bulk updating.
In order for Erpnext to compete successfully it must cater for non professional use, 90% of users are not programmers. The gui shluld be idiot proof.

One of the first rules of engaging in open source is “Be Nice”

Please avoid using aggressive language. No one likes to reply to annoying messages on the forum, if you think ERPNext is not ready for you, fine. Its not a perfect tool, but we are all trying our best. Be respectful of other people’s times and emotions.

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