Issues with automatic material request

Hallo, first of all thanks for the erpnext it s fantastic.
I m now an IT guru, but i ve running some tests in the lasts 2 months and the automatic material request was working smoothly. creating a PO and then the material request was there.
Now I have input more goods and this does not happen anymore.

I have followed the instruction in other posts with the only thing that I haven t input any reorder quantity because i want just to order the needed amount…

Is it possible?

I m NOT an IT guru

@giorgio_alessio can you explain more (by screenshot if possible) please ?

what do you mean :

I thanks for replying so fast.
here I ve a shortage
[image: Immagine incorporata 2]
but no material request
[image: Immagine incorporata 3]
here the item auto reorder,
[image: Immagine incorporata 4]
even if I dont put any amount in the reorder qty t goes to zero where I
save the changes…

what I would like is that the reordered quantity would be the same amount
that is in sales order.

@giorgio_alessio there is no images please re-upload…

If I do understand right, there is an alternative which is you click the button get items from sales order or job request that you have…

If you mean you added a auto reorder but it’s not working, you need to check the quantity of the reorder that you input in the item page…

The automatic material request only works if you have defined both the reorder level and the reorder quantity for that product.
Automatic reorder will generate a material request with the needed amount as long as the reorder quantity is lower than the needed amount. So, if you input 1 as the reorder quantity and the needed amount is 5, a material request is generated for 5 items.
Hope this helps.

thanks a lot this is very helpful!

So just to see if I understood correctly> the zero is not considered as a
value, have to put at least 1 in both the fields “reorder level” and
“reorder qty”

for the reorder level you can put 0, for the reorder qty you need to put 1.
If you don’t want to keep security stock for the item, you can set the reorder level to 0. This way material request is only generated if there is a need for the item. If you set the reorder level to for example 5, material request will be generated to keep the stock level at a minimum of 5.

Now it is perfectly clear,

thank a lot!

hello guys,
still having issues with the automatic material request, sorry.
in the test Everything was working perfectly.

For what I can see the causes could be rather

  • the auto re-order are not applying for variants
    The childs of the Default Item Group in the stock setting are not somehow “seen”

These are the only things I have change from tests…

Any help please?

@giorgio_alessio open new post referring to this one please

Hi there,
I’m testing the ERPnext and I have also issues with auto material requests, this for both batch and serial numbered items.

I created 2 items: product1 (batch) and product2 (serialized). Reorder level was set to 5 and reorder qty was 20.

Via stock entry I did a Material receipt of 15 pieces for both products . Then, via stock entry, I did a Material Issue of 11 for both prosucts so remaining items are below 5 for both products. However I don’t see any automated Material request generated by ERP next.

Stock Ledger showed me the correct levels of 4 pieces left.

I did also cache clear, but it didn’t work… is there maybe a certain delay in time before the auto material requests will be generated?

What am I doing wrong?
Thank in advance for your help…