Issues with ERPNext Docker Setup - GST Settings and Sales Features not working

Hello everyone,

I recently set up ERPNext using Docker and I’m facing some issues with the GST settings and the sales flow, including the selling and Point of Sale features. These features are not rendering properly on the screen and seem to be broken.

I wanted to check if anyone else has experienced this issue or if it’s just me. If anyone has faced similar problems and has found a solution, I would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to fix these issues.

I have already tried troubleshooting the issue, but I have not been able to find a solution. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance

i am trying to get this resolved from quite a few days , can anyone please help me what could have gone wrong here.

@MartinHBramwell @trentmu , hi please can you guys check this and is this necessary to check on the source code or could there be anything that could have gone wrong on the configuration side.

Hi Team / @MartinHBramwell @trentmu, I’m facing the exact same issue with ERPnext version 14 as mentioned above… This appears to be a P0 showstopper for GST module if the GST settings are not configurable and the section is clipped. Appreciate if any guidance is provided in resolving this issue. Thanks in advance !

I know nothing about this part of ERPNext.

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