Issues with Fetching full_name when email id is insert

I am having trouble in fetching a full_name when I select attendee’s while creating meeting module.
my code is below:

Is it right code?
I follow the instructions and code in tutorial video
what should I do now?

Any error message while saving? your code seems okay except the last line. Replace it with following one and check

attendee.full_name = " ".join(filter(None, [user.first_name, user.middle_name, user.last_name]))

I changed that last line as u said.
But it is still not fetching name.
On console it is showing following error:
Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help

add frappe.msgprint() or print statement and check what you get in user.

Check whether the user is available in your application or not.


You can use the get_fullname method instead to get the user’s full name


from frappe.utils import get_fullname
fullname = get_fullname(user="")

Thanks, Makarand

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still not fetching name
what to do now?

where to write this statement
fullname = get_fullname(user="")
in validate(self): method?




problem is solved.