Issues With GL and Stock Ledger Entries in V8


It appears there are some issues with GL entries in V8. Steps to replicate:

  1. Create a sale using the POS with ‘Update Stock’ option enabled in the POS Profile
  2. View the accounting ledger and stock ledger from the generated Sales Invoice


  1. There is no accounting entry for stock even though ‘Update Stock’ is checked in the invoice
  2. There are 2 entries in the stock ledger instead of one. One is a negative entry and the other is positive!

Please help look into these urgently!


Kind regards,

Thanks for reporting this issue, can you please raise a github issue as well for the same.

Hi @KanchanChauhan

Thanks for your quick response. Done already:

Kindly help look into this on priority as V8 is already being used in production. This means accounting statements and stock reports have critical flaws and are inaccurate!

Thanks a lot