Issues with hiding module


I am using ERPNext v7.1.7 and Frappe Framework v7.1.6. I create a role with no functions and uncheck all the modules of that user, but when I log in that account, I am still seeing those sidebar options:

Those shouldn’t be appeared in there and I believe it is a bug, just wondering if that has already been fixed in later version?

Also, I was wondering how can I remove the search bar and help button on the top bar? Thanks a lot!

This is not a bug per se. There is a role called “All” in role permission manager that has a collection of rights out of the box. So any user (system or web) will have the access rights listed for those document types. This is similar to the guest (anonymous) role also has right to various document types.

This is actually an area in ERPN that is not well documented and you kind of have to feel your way through it. I personally think that the All role should have extremely limited rights by default. Many of the rights in the All role should probably be moved to different role names. I have not done enough research at this time to figure out a good recommendation to the frappe/erpn team.

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For the doctype you are seeing in Human Resources, Schools, Tools module, you need to remove All from the Permission Rules.

Learn does not need any permissions, it is there for everyone.

Search and help button are also basic functionality and is not configurable.

I want to remove learn from the module. Since, it is creating confusion for the other users.