Issues with Quote-Sales Order-Invoice cycle - v10.1.13 broken?


ERPNext: v10.1.13 (master)

Frappe Framework: v10.1.6 (master)

From the last time I did this cycle, which wasn’t long ago there must have been an update and now there is a Payment Terms section that gets carried through the Quote->SO->Invoice cycle, but it doesn’t appear to have any flexibility, which doesn’t make any sense. The terms on the quote and sales order shouldn’t have anything to do with payment due dates. The terms should be triggered from the completion of the sales order, delivery note, or create of the invoice.

However, it appears that it’s adding the 30 day terms from the quote, 30 day terms from the sales order, to get a payment due date. I can’t understand how that’s logical. That date is long past, and now I can’t create an invoice.

When submitting an Invoice I’m also getting an error that the cost center isn’t in the same company, but there is no cost center to change anywhere on the invoice, sales order or quote.


It actually just looks like Invoice is completely broken. I tried creating a new invoice from scratch and it will not let me make the due date later than 4/10/18, even if the terms section says 30 days.

What the hell is going on with this?

Nothing? Is anyone else having this issue? It’s totally crippled me. I can’t submit any invoices.