Issues with v8 to v9 upgrade

I have had a disaster with updating from v8 to v9. I have spent over five hours trying to do the upgrade, In the end with no fixes working I installed a new version of v9.

Now I can’t import the database sql file… looking at a decompressed version of the file it still appears compressed. Is this an issue with v8? and if so is there a fix. I would really like to upgrade.

Latest issue is ERROR: ASCII ‘\0’ appeared in the statement, but this is not allowed unless option --binary mode is enabled and mysql is run in non-interactive mode. Set binary mode to 1 if ASCII ‘\0’ is expected… (etc)

I got this error by running bench --force restore database.sql (where database.sql is by old v8 database)

Is there a way of manually exporting the data file by file without issues as I have over 57,000 records and am very upset with this latest development.

Otherwise I have to put up with the many errors in v8 and that means manually fixing and not having any hope of upgrading to any new release…

bench should uncompress the sql file for you in a bench restore operation, but you have to give the full path e.g. database.sql.gz otherwise it thinks the file is already uncompressed.

You can restore an older database on top of a new install. Just run bench migrate after the restore to bring the db up to speed with the code base. You may run into a few issues there. I did. See some of my posts to the same.