Issues with VAT Calculation


I have been reading this morning the issues with the decimals.

In one blog entry inside ERPNext website, titled “To round or not to”, someone concludes that the solution is to change the values of the prices so that we get the result we want to get!?

I don’t understand very well this really.

I am still evaluating ERPNext. I was able to create a Purchase Order, from a real purchase I did, and when entering the values and add normal Spanish VAT from a Tax Template, my surprise is that the VAT that ERPNext calculates is wrong:

21% of 63,56 € is not 13,34, it is 13,35.

I can understand barely rounding issues with computers, as I had some issues with floats when programming with Java years ago. But I can not explain this to the other users that are going to use the program, and still less, tell them to start tweking the prices of the items until they get the number of the real invoice we have been given by out Supplier.

Is this what the article “To round or not to” suggests, or am I getting it totally wrong?

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any other way?

Thanks and kind regards from Spain,

Well, I have been looking in more detail into this, and now I understand that you don’t need to be tweaking the prices of the items for this, and that the field Taxes and Charges is flexible enough to let you introduce manually the proper VAT amount in the Purchase Order.

To do this, you need to set the Type of Tax to Actual, and introduce the total real amount of VAT in the Rate field.

It is the same when you produce and invoice? Do you need to remember to check if the VAT calculated is correct or ir you need to modify it manually?

Thanks and regards,