IT Management version-14

Hello to you all.

We are now begininning our work on revamping our IT Management App for version-14.

Currently placed #31 on the marketplace we have seen alot of interest for this app in the community and will now focus on building a new version for frappe v14. Yes, frappe rather that ERPNext. Our idea is to make it independent from ERPNext at first and then think of a way to make use of ERPNext functionalities and processes if needed (most of these you will be able to build via UI customization anyway :slight_smile: ).

Here is a brief roadmap:

  1. create a version-14branch (done)
  2. create a workspace for easy navigation
  3. revamp “IT Landscape”
  4. revamp “Configuration Item” → We will call it ITM Host Item instead.

From there we will have a new basis to start with and will utilize all the experience that we where able to collect on frappe/ERPNext in the past to make the app more user friendly.

If you have any requests for the app please let us know. Thank you for your help!

Stay tuned!

phamos Team