Item added but does not show up in Item List page

I have get ERPNext setup on a VPS using Docker with lots of help from @revant_one.

In this I have created a System User and assigned the user all Roles except Employee,Customer,Supplier and Employee Self Service.

Under Allowed Modules I have checked all of them

In short the user is an Administrator.

This user when adds an Item ERPNext shows Saved message but the data does not show in Item List Page.

Now if the user tries to enter the same item again ERPNext show the message Item already exist.

But if the user Logs Out and Logs In as Administrator and adds an Item it immediately gets saved and shows up in the Item List Page.

What must be the problem here? Why are Items entered by user who logs in using email not showing up?


@yogeshvachhani If the Item doesn’t show in the List, check the filter options or clear all filters and see if it’s there or not.

The filter options are preserved throughout the login session for reuse, that’s why when you logout and login again the Item appears in the List.

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