Item and Item price


Can we Add an Item Price
when we create a new item in one step .

Now the system is display the Item Price

when we click save

So can we Do this in only One step

and be also mandatory .

It means that the system has to stop me to create that new item without give it a price.

@sheno this is not possible. i guess the reason is that item is a separate doctype from item price…

on the other hand if you feel the creation for large number of items in the UI is unwieldy, you can try using the data import tool to make entry in excel and import it. This still requires import of items and item prices in two separate imports. But i guess when using data import tool you can have the advantage of verifying your excel file of item prices to have all items.

Also, when you create an item without a price and you make invoice of it for the first time the rates from that invoice item will create an item price entry in the selected price list. mentioning it here as this might help solve your issue.

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Thank u brother karthikeyan5