Item<>Asset conversion (at least temporary)

Hi all,
Hope all are well and enjoying Christmas time.

I am using V14 and I think we had many posts on this topic but couldn’t find a definitive answer.

Lets go bottom-up

  1. I have a drilling fixture having two parts, a base plate and a wedge.
  2. Both items created, BOM created for drilling fixture.
  3. Job cards created, time entries done and finally production receipt to get stock level.
  4. Assembly job card created, material issued against jo card, time entries done, production receipt to get stock level of drilling fixture.

Now, this fixture is a fixed asset till product life cycle. But there is no way to convert it to fixed asset. Cant delete the items too because so many transactions are connected to it.

Lets see Top down

  1. Create the drilling fixture item, wedge and base plate as fixed asset.
  2. Try creating a BOM, nope you cant.

Any work around suggestions? Please share.