Item attribute ID

hello everyone i have a question
when i import item in the variant attribute part. i see ID
but when i see item attribute, i see no ID except in item attribute values ID, but what asked is item attribute ID. When i tried to export the item i see that item attribute ID is quite random.
here is item attribute export

i am really confused how to fill those id
i would really appreciate any explanation. thanks

The ID is child table row name of Item variant which is inside item doctype

Item Attribute is another doctype which is used to create attribute and its value

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Thank you so much for your answer, i understand now. One more question, if i want to import and add the value through excel or csv. should the ID be random or there is a patern or reference should i follow? because the ID is needed to be filled.

if your inserting new row or new data in the table you don’t need ID column in it.
if your are updating existing row then you need ID.

I hope you understand!

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ah okay, i wonder why the ID column is marked red in the data importer. thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: