Item Attribute improvements

I have a client who needs much more flexibility with Item Attributes.

At the moment (V13) the Item Attributes are tied tightly to variants. A non-variant Item cannot have attributes, and a variant Item cannot have additional attributes added, or attributes that do not relate directly to the variant (Item Code).

The client needs additional flexibilities:

  • Core Attributes - Those that are tied to the Item variant, like colour, length, width (exists)
  • Additional Attributes - Those that can be added or removed at a later stage and are ordered information that can be searched on in addition to the core attributes, for example whether the item has passed industry tests, are water-proof or not, are suitable for indoor, outdoor, wall, floor, ceiling use, voltage ratings, safety ratings, etc, etc
  • Calculated Attributes - Those that may be calculated from existing attributes, for example power rating (from voltage and current), area (from length and width), size category (named ranges from the area calculation)

An example where the part code is not related to attributes yet the product has many attributes that must be searchable are electronic components:

Wondering if there are others looking for this functionality, or at least whether they think it would be useful?

Also what is the official procedure to guarantee a development like this would be accepted into the code-base? So far I’ve seen a lot of wasted effort of people developing useful functionality, only to have it rejected.



yes absolutely +1