Item Attribute Values - Rethink

Item Attribute Values - Rethink?

Because of the way the website catalog is intrinsically linked with item attributes, picking up the attribute name as the label for the selection box, IMHO needs a little tweaking.

The basic attributes for many products are color & size, but not all products are equal.

The list of color options across the range we sell is in the hundreds, and to make matters worse, do to circumstances beyond direct control, the codes we use ( Abbreviation in ERPNext ) are not always unique.

Wouldn’t it be better from the Master Item, to choose the possible attribute values to use when creating the new Variant items? To reduce a list of hundreds down to a selected few.

Sizes for us are numeric, but not every size applies to every master item, again, the case to select the applicable attribute values relative to Master item.

The only other method to handle this situation that I have found is to have many “color” & “size” attributes, named for the master item. Then the problem is on the website. The labels for the selectors are not named as they should be, simply color or size.

To sum up:
Make master item’s possible Attribute Values selective.
Remove the unique value required error from the Attribute Value Abbreviation field.

  • bonus…some attributes are “optional” for some variants … just saying…“none” would help

Then a simple attribute such color, can be applicable to every possible item sold.

or … if that is too much make it so the value that sets the website item attribute selector’s label editable. Don’t just apply the name of the attribute, since the name may not be the ideal label to use.

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Hello, I am having the similar issue. Attributes are not always fixed among the Item Variants. The simple solution could be ability to keep attributes of template as optional.