Item Attributes bug

Hi, I have just been testing the functionality of Item Variants for a project and noticed that if an Item Attribute is created with anything other than a single text string i.e. two words, it will save properly along with the Attribute Values, however when the Item Attribute is used for an Item Variant, the Attribute Values are not shown in the drop down list.

I have confirmed that it works as expected if the Item Attribute is only one word/text string with no spaces, but as soon as any spaces are introduced the Item Attributes are not shown.


Attached is the example where I has space in the Item Attribute Value. Variant Item was created correctly.

Can you also share screenshot? It will help us replicate issue.

The creation of the Item Attributes is not the issue. I can create them fine as per the following screenshot.
The problem is when I use the Item Attribute for an Item Template. When the Item Attribute is used, the drop down box for the Item Attribute Value is empty with no Values available, Se the following