Item change issue "Maintain Stock"

We have a template with variant. When trying to change the picture or “show in website”, the error

As there are existing transactions against item 0171755, you can not change the value of Maintain Stock

The item number is a variant. There has been no change to “maintain stock”, only either the picture or the show in website was changed. Save is not possible.

Version is ERPNext 9.2.3

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Please check field “Is Stock Item” or “Maintain Stock” from Item Variant Settings and then try again.

Stock > Item Variant Settings.

Hi @umair,

in this case, the template has no stock, some of the variants have stock but others do not. So the template is “Maintain stock” false, but some of the variants are “Maintain stock” true.

The system works well with this configuration, apart from the fact that changing other fields fails. Is there a reason for this check before saving?

As per the default validation, Template item will always be non-stock item, whereas variant item will be stock item. Hence value of “Maintain Stock” field should not be copied from Template to Master. And this is what is maintained in the Variante Settings, what to copy from Template to Variant.

Hi @umair,

I agree, the template should never be on stock (and it is not in our case). The only difference that I see is that some variants are also not stock maintained (make to order).

So, I am still unclear why the error shows up…? Are you saying that it does not work to have some variants not maintained on stock?