Item code all ready exist (Duplication)

Hello community,
I am new in erpnext. I don’t have any programming knowledge. I am using erpnext from 1 month. It’s a very good erp software.
My question is about itemcode duplications.

I have got two PO From customer. PO number is different. One po no. Is 731006 and another po. No. Is 731009. But in both po Item code(3586T960) is same and price is different.
When I make item entry it’s show duplicate entry item code.
So, my question how can i store similar item code for two different po for different price.
Our scenario , we make scales invoice po basis.


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Item Code for each item should be unique. If needed, you can the existing item, but ensure that value in the Item Code field is unique across all the items.

To simplify it, you can have Item Code generated based on Naming Series.

What is your question…I believed u send post before finishing

hi umair,
When I set naming series basis. It store item entry on naming series basis. But when I make sales invoice. It shows item name like ITEM-0001’ ITEM-0002, etc. In sale invoice report.
In our scenario,
Sale invoice report must have item code.


  1. Itemcode
  2. Description
  4. Etc …
    How can I print item code in sales invoice report instead of item name (ITEM-001)’
    When I set naming series basis.

Item Code is shown in the Print Format by default.

For the GST based Print Fomrat, check “GST Tax Invoice” format.