Item code field is concatenating Item Name by itsef

In my setup { v 7.1.15) 0 the item code is displayed as item Code + Item Name. And I dont see that behavior in Is there a setting to control this?

Is your “Item Naming By” field in Stock Settings set to Item Number or Item Code?

Its set to Item Code. Should I set it to Naming Series?

@Pawan I changed it to Naming Series, and its still the same…


It’s working fine in my test account as well. Have you done any customization on this front?

Item Naming by should not have any impact on this.

When you enter Item Code, it’s value is copied in the Item Name and Description. Perhaps user added Item Name ahead of code which was copied from Item Code field itself. Please check if you are facing same issue when creating new Item in your ERPNext account.