Item Code Info in Items Webpage

Hello, I’m trying to get rid of “Item Code:” in web page using your system from Items show in website. Please take a look and tell me if it is possible to delete this information: Looking forward to get v. 5! all the best to your team! Camilo

@camilopianos Nice Site!

You will have to edit

Thank you so much! It work fine!
I’m happy you like the Site. I could not align “Sign Up / Login”.

on the Menu did the trick but since I don’t have access to the “Sign Up / Login” field…Would appreciate you tell me also where this html is located.

I’m allways thankful to you guys and will do my best to propagate and help as much as I can.


One more question: It is possible to link the Product page from Item as a child of a created web page?
You said product pages are very constrained but using it is the only way to take advantage of the shopping cart… Am I right?

Yeah should be easy to give a hyper link <a href=...

For login page. search for and login.html

Btw, lots of new changes to website coming in version 5 - hold on a bit!

could you please tell me where are the files related to “carousel slide”. I need to get rid of the controls, left and right on:

Thank you!

Please don’t reply. I got the file. Thank you.