Item Code vs -Name vs -Description

I noted that different fields/terms seem to exist for describing and item

Item Code
Item Name
Item Description

I am not quite clear how to use those efficiently. Our company uses something like this (and naturally would love to continue such practice because it seems to be proven good) for example:

WD-1234 Hard Drive 3.5" SATA harddrive

“WD-1234” = Item Code “Hard Drive” = Item Name, “3.5” SATA harddrive" = Item Description

ERPN does not seem to follow that logic in all consequence, for example in the item form there is not field for “Item Code” while such turns up in other places (Item Price List for example). It looks as if it is being populated automatically copying the Item Name from the item form.
Can somebody point me to some sort of explanation how this works and how it is being used efficiently?

In many cases an Item Code is very important when a company has customers who speak English and employees who are Chinese for example. A code like WD-1234 is usable while “Hard Drive” is much less easy to work with if you don’t understand the meaning.

maybe it just boils down to:

“how to make the field Item Code to be visible/editable on the Item form”?

@vrms Item Code becomes the ID of the Item. So you can rename it by clicking on the Title of the form. See the last GIF in this help page: