Item costs (freight) based on Postal code customer

Periodically I get new rates for freight to our customers from my shipping company.

This is based on the Postal code.

What I’m currently considering how to best represent/account for this in the sales invoice.

My initial rationale was making use of price-lists per customer, and then updating the freight through a Python/PHP script directly in the MySQL database or with an rest-api request to ERP Next.

But perhaps I’m missing some logic. Hence, curious how you guys go about this or what you would advice. Thanks!

Edit: I guess i solved half, by creating appropriate territories. Now to understand the staffel and price settings…


Would a Shipping Rule for each territory work?

thnx, I think I can only assign those to countries, correct?

Or is there a workaround?

Could a Shipping Rule for each territory be created, then applied at Invoice?

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And then manual assignment, correct?

Let me try in my test environment.

This could definitely be a good solution, only still need VAT to be calculated over freight as well… how to go about that one in this case? It seems to omit that since freight comes after the vat line

I just seem unable to have the freight appear above VAT and thus have the VAT included.

Almost there:
Created a shipping rule.
Created a tax template with:

  • Net total → VAT
  • Actual → Freight account
  • Previous row amount, ref 2: VAT

This may be helpful:

A customized print format should be possible as well.