Item Created Using SQL but not appearing in ITEM List

Dear all,

I created an Item using the following SQL INSERT Statement.

Despite being in the Database, It is appearing in the Item List.

Should the Item appear in the Item list after an SQL Insert or any suggestion how to make it apear?

I’ve tested it on a virtual test machine and it works!
I’ve used the following sql query:

INSERT INTO `tabItem` (`name`, `item_code`, `item_name`, `item_group`) VALUES('1234567891', 'ABC', 'DEF', 'Consumable');

Which version of frappe/erpnext do you use?

@joelios The ERPNext Version I am using is V11


Best Regards,

Ok, i’ve tested it on V12, i will try V11 now

@joelios I will test on V12.

It work also on V11 at my side! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did you do reload the webbrowser and/or ERPNext Reload?

@joelios No I did not reload.

Try this, maybe it is a webbrowser caching problem

Sure @joelios I will try this and confirm.