Item entry and Expiry of the same item in Report part

How a Item with same name and same brand will entry in a entry page with different bar code ?
Also How Expiry of that same item will display in expiry report page?

One Item can only have one barcode.(Multiple Barcode per item is already in roadmap to build)

But one item can have multiple expiry dates, Each expiry has one Batch ID allocates to it’s Expiry & Item, that Batch ID will be shown while entering/printing.

I suggest you use serial number instead of Barcode under single Item as your items are having same name.

Why don’t you try by yourself? Here is a demo link
You can also sign up for 1 month trial from

Thank you sir
One more thing I buy 50 items of same name same brand also with a unique batch number.from that 50 items i sell 40 items and my stock is 10 right.
again i buy 20 items of same name same brand i bought before but difference in batch no.
Now how i will differentiate and easy for me to get which items are going to expiry on what date?

First of all, it will be pcs for system, not Items as ItemCode/Barcode will be same.

So, that 20 pcs will be having different Batch Id (+Expiry), in “Batch Item Expiry Status” you can see, which batches expiring when.

ok got it.
Thank you