Item expiry date without Batch number?


Its my 2nd day on ERP Next but already stock with must needed part which is Expiry Dates.

We are receiving multile Food items from manufacture with multiple Production & expiry date, but without any batch numbers. How can I manage to LIVE with that.

Really very much depressed, great software but can’t live without this small feature.


Hi @mdwala,

It is difficult to maintain the expiry dates against each item’s qty without batch/serial no. So for best practice start using the batch/serial no, it has provision for the expiry date

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Items that have expiry dates are inherently batch parts. If you don’t get a batch number from the supplier, just use the expiry date as a batch number.


What do you suggest to put in batch number? As we dont have any batch
number, is automatic number possible?

But same Expiry can be for multiple items. And same batch number won’t
work. Any other suggestion?

HI @mdwala,

Currently auto batch creation is not available, you can use the combination of item code & the expiry date
For example: Item code is HP-G7YG and expiry date is 12-12-2016, so batch id become HP-G7YG-12-12-2016

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HI. Thanks for reply. That’s sorted out.

One more question.
Is there any way that I can setup/add batch number and expiry column next to quanity coloumn, that will less time consuming by not going to detailed Item entry.


  1. What did you choose as your solution for batch numbering?
  2. Any time saving tips?


That functionality was not out of the box.

I gave job to professional developers, who managed to auto batch name as itemcode-expirydate.

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Very nice. Did you publish your modifications ?

No. Development is Still in process.

Noted, any conditions for sharing your solution ?

You can contact developer @vivek.

@adam26d I will be loading it on my github repo. You can get the code from there. Just ping me in a weeks time. Essentially we arent changing anything but making a report which shows expiry date against items and the qty

Thanks you @vivek , I look forward to seeing your repo :slight_smile:

Hello sir
How I can entry a 50nos of item with same brand and same item name with different bar codes?
For example i want to entry 50nos of shampoo of clinic plus brand came in a lot with different bar codes?