Item filters in the left column

Hi Guys ,

How to get the filters for an item module in the left column for raw material , product , consumables , etc
like the filters for stock entry module . I understand the filters in the left column would appear if it is a link or a select field type with in list view selected ? I made the item_group field in list view , it is made bold and by default it is mandatory . Now what should I do ?

How to achieve this ? Please help


Guys any help ?

In 7.2 beta (develop, the new filter view will solve your problem)

Edit: How DJ Software Inspired the New Filters in ERPNext

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Hi ,

Thanks a ton for the reply and for providing such an awesome software .I have done lot of customizations to the standard Erpnext modules so I will not be able to update to the new version . Is there a way that I could achieve this with coding , if so which file should I edit and the sample filters posted above (for stock entry) is from which file? Any guidance would really save me .

Thanks again.