Item Group 0001400001 not found

Hi all-
I’m going to pull my hair out. I’ve solved most errors as they’ve come today but still cannot get my items imported. I’ll be honest that I don’t really understand the differences in Item Code, Item ID, and Naming Series but that’s okay, I think. I’m trying to import items and get Item Group XXXXXXXX not found on every single line. I’ve tried putting many things in this field to no avail. I don’t even have an “Item Group” listed on my spreadsheet so I’m very confused.

When I go to Item Groups, I have nothing but one group titled Plants.

every item needs to be a part of a category called item group. You need to create such a category and provide it as a reference. If you give an item group that doesnt exist, thats the error you get.

Item Code and Item Group are Mandatory fields while creating items. All masters, in fact, have certain mandatory fields you need to fill to create/import them. This is probably why you were getting the error. Have a look at the master once before importing the data, or only import templates with mandatory fields if other data can be filled later.