Item group? Customer group?


I am in the middle in testing ERPNext, if it suits my business flow, I will subscribe right away!
My company is selling membership as main products, and offer service to our members.
Currently this is our manual form - Screenshot by Lightshot

  1. Can this form translated to erpnext? Which module? Where should i start?
  2. We have individual and corporate members. And our membership has a few plans like Basic, Ordinary, Elite, Fleet, Life, A1. I am confuse to translate this into the erpnext. Where should i create the membership plans? What about the individuals and corporate type? Is that item group as well?

Hi @blackfriday,

Your form is extremely unclear, and not zoomable, I request you to upload a clear pic here.

From what I’ve understood of your requirement, you’ll need to create a new doctype - Membership Plan: which has your membership plans as options.
Refer to this manual for help: Frappe Cloud
and then link that onto your Customer Form ( Frappe Cloud)

Your Individual/corporate will be in the customer group, and you can have your entire form converted into a Webform ( Frappe Cloud )hosted on your ERPNext website, which will take the info from the webform and update your customer details on your ERP.

Hope this helps! All the best!

Sorry I just notice file upload feature in this forum. So here I attached the clear application form. Please download it and zoom it.

Are you planning on creating a

  1. WebForm out of this, so your customers can fill it out online?

  2. Just collect data from forms filled out by hand, and compile the data into your ERP?

In case its just 2, you can customise your Customer Form to add a new field ‘Membership Status’ with type as ‘Select’, and add your options.

Hi Blackfriday
Before you start carefully read the documentation, Erpnext is simple but not that simple :smile:
I believe that you could achieve yr goals; customer information can be entered under contacts with some custom fields.
The rest of the info from your form can probably be entered all usung the properties of a item Doc with serialisation and variants and some custom fields. That would be prevent the trouble of creating custom docs and the required coding skills

Hi Tanuj,

Actually both. Currently customer fill it manually on paper, and we just do the data entry to our old membership system (the reason I am trying erpnext is to replace this old non-relevant system).

For the old data, we plan to migrate it to erpnext (manually or can be import in bulk?).

@blackfriday, taking a look in your form I can give to you some points that you can look in ERPNext:

The head section, is a Order Type, it should be added a custom field in Sales Order, Quotation etc.
The Part A, is the Customer in ERPNext, including Addresses and Contacts
The Part B and C, are the Items in ERPNext

  • Part B - 2, 3, 4 and 5 Is a Item Template, each check box, can be interpreted as Variations of the Template, the extra fields are custom fields, that should be displayed based of the selected “Item”.
  • The Car Registration table can be a custom Doc, that is displayed in the body of the order, if certain item exists in the Order Items.

Hi @blackfriday,

If you go into the Website Module, you’ll see an option called “Webform”. You’ll need to customise this to look like the form you currently have, (or a new one, if thats what you want).

Since a webform works only around 1 DocType, you’ll need to create your custom Doctype first, and add it to the CRM module (or Selling, upto you).

Your custom DocType is going to be the hardest part. Like @max_morais_dmm suggested, you can have three parts, where Part A will mostly be linked to your Customer under CRM module (These needs to be mapped via custom scripts under Settings>Customize).

For the second part, you’ll need to create your checkboxes as different Items, under the Selling module and associate the prices you’ve set to each.

And finally, you can either have a read-only field to show the total value, or redirect the customer to another page, where they’re total is shown, and asks for confirmation.

@Tanuj, I guess that the isse of @blackfriday, is only which Doctypes in ERP are directly related with him, form, and where him need start to get up him transactions.

So, webform, only will make more confuse for a beginner!

Custom scripts? I am still confuse where to start, and even to start I have to know custom scripts? This sounds so not friendly.

ERPNext is supposed to be customisable, not necessarily easy. If you have the budget and not the time, you could hire someone to set up the webform for you.

If you have the time, and not the budget, you could learn some coding (Javascript and Python mostly), and you’ll realise the true potential of ERPNext. (A good learning source is for beginners.)

Either way, all the best!

P.S- Custom Script to map two fields is cur_frm.add_fetch("{document to fetch from}", "{fieldname to be fetched}", "{target filename}"); replace the text inside the curly brackets with the necessary keywords, and remove the curly brackets as well.

I want to learn by since the management want this to be setup asap, how can i hire someone to do this for me?

You could either hire the Frappé team: Not Found

or find some 3rd party service providers from here:

Good luck!

P.S - It can be done remotely, so don’t worry incase theres no in your country/city.


please give few hours to read this tutorial

For more information, try this tutorial, its simple and easy

How long the Frappe team can do if I hire them?

These links do not work for me. Is it just me?

Here are the updated links.

Where you able to solve your problem?

Need additional assistance?

Yes truly this links are not working. I have also tried with another link of eduhelphub and finally it works for my PC for Frappe team. However I wanted to learn more about management and customer management system.

Thanks for the discussion as I was also looking for the more information on customer management system. an essay outline template discussed on the similar topic and that helps in getting the basic outline on it.