ERPnext manual is not helping me


I am trying to start using erpnext since currently we dont have any system except simple database application to key in all our customer database. The system however is not relevant anymore and I plan to replace it with erpnext.

It has been a week and I still not doing it right, still not be able to start. The manual is not helping me because the manual is explaining the flow with assuming our business is using all the flow and the module. The problem is our business process is much simpler.

Let me explain our business. Our core business is selling membership, and we provide car assist service to our members as long as their membership still active. Our membership form is like i posted in this thread - Item group? Customer group? - #10 by blackfriday

A- The business process is simple. Member fill the application form, choose the membership plan they like, pay the membership fee (for a year), our membership department key in the customer/member info to the database, give the customer receipt and finish.

B- Later if the member’s car has problem, the member call our call centre and we send our rescue team to help the member. The help sometimes bring some inventory, such as car battery and sometimes not. We also have a workshop where member can send their car for service and repair.

Basically that’s it. That’s our business and service.

When i read the manual I got confuse because it involves manufacturing, material, quotation, etc. My top management seems like what ERPnext has to offer, and before they approve to deploy ERPnext across the company, they want me to show how our membership/customer data looks like in ERPNext. Here I attach sample of our membership data (modified due to confidentiality), for members that has supplementary account and additional car -

The application form is available in this thread I mentioned above.

Please help me, how can I insert this customer data into ERPnext? How can I make an e-form so that our sales person can key in new member data?

From my experience,
It’s good to start exploring ERPNext and then decide which part is not present in ERPNext and where you want customization.

You can read implementation strategy

After that you can start test phase with the help of this videos

From CRM → Customer you can create customer, also you can import existing customer using data import tool. Data import tool takes CSV file as an input and then import data into ERPNext.


As you said, your Sales Person insert the data(not customer), then no need o make e-form
Its very easy, you can make new doctype or customize existing one.
Even your sales person insert data from there Mobile. ERPNext has mobile responsive design.

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