Item Group Name shouldn't be unique!

I’m trying to import Item Groups.
My data is correctly formatted and when I import, many Item Groups are imported but some are not and the following is a sample error message:

Duplicate Name
Item Group Sociology already exists

It’s true that I do have an Item Group named Sociology already but it’s in a totally different branch in the tree of Item Groups. In my case I’m dealing with books and books come in different Groups and a Group could hold the same name but belong to a different branch. For example I could have Sociology under the Parent Item Group “Text Books” and under the Parent Item Group “Non Fiction” and they shouldn’t be considered as one.
The uniqueness should be over the whole path of the Item Group (so the item group, its parent, and grand parent, etc until the root)

1- Any idea how to come around this limitation without renaming the Item Groups?
2- Any possibility this could be swiftly fixed in a coming minor upgrade?


I don’t think so, but can you try adding some abbreviation to it?
Sociology - T can represent the one under Textbooks?

Of course I would end up doing that if no other solution was provided. It just seems more logical to allow the name to repeat if the branch is different. I mean it’s not a list like with the brands where it’s logical not to have repetition since it’s a list and not a tree!

I would disagree. Tree Groups are extremely useful for organizing hierarchical structures, but in most data presentation formats you’re still just seeing the single leaf name. It’s possible you’ll be able to persuade the maintainers to see things differently, but I think you’d face a lot of resistance.

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The reason it is not so is because if you would want to filter out only “Sociology” books, it would show you both Text Books and Non Fiction. For this reason, item groups are unique.