Item group update in reports

At present, the item_group field is fetched in the purchase invoice and is then used in various reports such as Purchase Analytics. However, is there any benefit to having this field be frozen at the time of Purchase Invoice submission? Wouldn’t it be better to fetch it from the item doctype at the time of report creation? Since item grouping can change frequently, fetching at the time of making reports will ensure that the grouping is always up-to-date.

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facing same problem in 2023

Submitting an invoice is an event which registers and corresponds to a legal transaction at it’s specific point in time.
Why would you want to report that event later with different values?

I think from a legal standpoint, the item group field is not very relevant since it’s main use is for reporting (I may be wrong about this). I doubt most organisations would be printing this field on their invoices. Since ERPNext allows reporting over multiple years and item grouping can often change depending on various factors, I think it makes more sense to fetch it at the time of reporting.