Item import failure

Is there someone can help us to advise what below failure means? Any suggestions would be appreciated !

I am trying to import items. And, Cannot import all items due to “Failure” as “Duplicate name Item Supplier already exist”. I believe this duplicate failure show up when ITEM CODE is same. In my case all importing item code is different and most of them Supplier ID is same, however duplicate failure appears.


I’m importing an item list and find the import tool for ERPNext to be as fragile and poorly thought out as the tools for previous ERP systems I’ve transitioned to such as Arena. The tool deletes the column mappings whenever you change files, which is counterproductive as you are supposed to iterate through the process and correct the file. Sometimes it lets you upload the file, sometimes not. You can not switch an import routine between insert and update modes either from inside the routine nor from the parent menu where controls exist to pretend to provide this ability. Sometimes the controls you need disappear and the imports become useless. You can’t delete old imports but they go away on their own sometimes. This has the potential to be a nice import tool if the developers communicate and/or participate with the migration teams.

In the meantime, the best way to run the import is to do all the work in Excel rather than in the import tool. Rename all of your columns in the source file so you can control the mapping in something that keeps a record. If you have two fields that you need to combine, do it with an Excel formula. Also the required columns aren’t obvious and the errors from leaving one out don’t tell you what you need to know. You’ll need to export an “example” to find out what columns are required. Start with a fresh import on every attempt and you can avoid the flaws in the import tools as described above.