Item Import with formatting

While importing items in ERPNext, the formatting in the item description does not get imported.

I manually added an item description to an Item and exported it for reference.

then I added other items and their descriptions in the same format as it was exported, to the excel sheet for import to ERPNext.

When I uploaded this to ERPnext I get this as description

I tried it with descriptions with table, bold text, nothing works.

Try with a quote delimited CSV file. The **Length:** is markdown syntax, so unlikely it will work the same as HTML

Thank You for your reply,

So, this is what I did, I exported the sample item, as a .csv file.
there was HTML in it.

So, I wrote HTML Description for all the other data and, imported it.

It Works!

But I guess there should be a fix for this ! for mass items Import into ERPNext, it would be next to impossible to write HTML for all the item descriptions.

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Glad that it is working.
For mass imports, you could probably write a script that converts a simple text file into a formatted HTML file for each line in the import.csv file.
I personally would use BASH/perl, but if you know Python or PHP those will also work perfectly well.

You seem to have a standard HTML format of

Item Name

Length: value
Width: value
Depth: value
Thickness: value

which you get from the other std .md/csv-export format of

"Item_Code","Description,  **Length:** value **  **Width:** value **  **Depth:** value **  **Thickness:** value **"

so it would be easy enough to convert. If I have a moment in the next day or 2, I will try to create an example script (if my interpretation of your requirement is correct)

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