Item income account per company

I have notice that there is no way to set the item income account per company.

I can only set the default income account. See screen shoot

Did I miss something? is the feature is not there yet?



As rightly understood, in the item master, you can only define one Income Account for the item. Otherwise, you can also set default Income Account in the Company master itself. It will be applied for all the sales invoices made for that company.

Hello @umair,

Yes you are right. Because Item could have different account in a actual scenario . Example Item 1 and Item 2 has income account A. Item 3 and item 4 has income account B. In ERPNext this is possible to the first Company but the second company you can not do that anymore.

Is that what you mean?


Sorry as this feature not available for now. If possible, please consider developing and contributing one. For now, will be great if you can create Github Issue for this suggestion.


Thanks for conforming. We will make this feature and contribute back. :slight_smile:


Just created and issue in github

I have create a pull request for this :slight_smile:

Allow to specify Income account in Item for each Company by ccfiel · Pull Request #8083 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub