Item is maintain stock, but cannot check "has batch no"?

My item, which has been sold, now has a batch number. I’ve always maintained stock, but now cannot add a batch no for this item.

Please advise!

There isn’t a great way around this. The system doesn’t allow you to have some transactions for the same item with batch numbers and others without.
You might be able to rename the old item to something else then create a new item that has batch numbers checked off with the same part number as the original.

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This is the solution I’ve always used. Not great but it works

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I might be bold and change the boolean value in the database— daring, I know, but I like to take risks!

I think this could cause problems if you ever try to look at those transactions or have any still in stock - I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Yeah, @Ben_Cornwell_Mott I might not- I was just feeling frustrated at the limitation… thanks for the help!