Item list view bugged

hello, i have this issue i can’t view the list view of the item section, neither the report builder of it
i press on remove nothing happens what is the problem?

can you share a screenshot of the console from inspect element!

Check chrome’s console, you will find a permission error. Post that stack trace here.

Temporary solution : This should be fixed if you press Ctrl + Shift + R

i tried Ctrl + Shift + R but it didn’t work too and this is the error

@root13F @OmarJaber

Yes that Uncaught error is causing this. Cannot read property 'permlevel' of undefined

any idea on how fixing this?
if(frappe.perm.has_perm(me.doctype, df.permlevel, “read”) && !df.report_hide)
it’s happening on this part
and it’s only on the item part
all other section are normal

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i fixed by returning to an old snapshot, something was bugged no idea what it was anyway it’s fixed now

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